Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven;
What a privilege to live in a country where I'm free to post something like this.  Thank You Father for all that You have done through the men and women who have fought to obtain our freedom, those who still fight for the freedom of others, and those who spend their lives making sure our daily lives are spent in safety.  Thank You for our Military Soldiers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and EMTs.  Protect them, Father, in every way.  Deliver them from evil and set their feet on a sure foundation.  Help them complete their assignments.  Open doors that need to be opened and shut those that need to be closed.  Place your angels around them.  Give them wisdom to know which paths to take and which to stay away from.

Be with the families of each person in service.  They long for hugs and sacrifice their time just as much as the ones who are serving in their positions.  Father, fill in the gaps that have been left open.  Provide where there is lack.  Comfort those who are hurting.  Heal the hearts of those who have lost loved ones.  Bring good out of the evil that these families face each day.  Thank You Father.  In Jesus' Name.......

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